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Airboarding Articles

Airboarding Articles

Welcome to the Airboarders article page! Here you will find loads of airboarding articles and information to answer any of your questions. Our writers have also included some airboarding guides to help you improve your slope skills

Whether you are a beginning airboarder or you have been with the sport since it first arrived on the scene you are sure to find valuable information on

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Featured Airboarding Articles and Info:

Airboarding Basics Airboarding Basics
Airboarding is an activity similar to body boarding.  You lie on an inflatable tube and glide down a steep hill at 60 miles an hour.  No matter how athletic you are you can join in on this fad.  This sport was created in Europe by a Swiss inventor by the name of Joe Steiner who started 10 years ago...
Airboarding The New Winter Sport Airboarding: The New Winter Sport
We’ve all heard about Snowboarding and skiing, they are popular and during the winter slopes are packed with people engaging in these intense winter sports.  Children will actually benefit from this sport more than adults mainly because kids compare this to tubing or sleigh riding. 
Airboarding Info and Stats Airboarding Info and Stats
What do you think about the idea of airboarding down a slope at 60 to 80 miles an hour without much to do about stopping?  That is what many people are saying and why many adults are scared to try the sport, but younger kids seem to like it.
Slopes and Resorts Airboarding Slopes
There are only a few of them but the slopes that do offer airboarding for fans of the sport are pretty famous when it comes to reputation.  Airboarding is extremely popular in Europe but when it was introduced to the USA people took a different approach with it, they tried in out in their hometowns and loved it.