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Airboard Classic Sled - Adult Model Airboard Classic 130 Sled - Adult

Airboarding is the newest winter sports craze! The Airboard is the freshest piece of winter sports gear for recreating on the snow. Durable, easy to maneuver, and capable of insanely fast speeds, the Airboard is perfect for your own backcountry adventure or your favorite local ski slope. The Airboard Classic is the standard Airboard model and it will be good enough for anyone just getting started in the sport that has no plans to compete.


Airboard Classic Sled - Kids Model Airboard Classic 50 Sled - Kids

This Airboard Classic Sled is almost an exact copy of the adult model but kid sized. Your kids will love this thing, and since this is such an easy winter sport to begin it is a great activity you can share with your family. Imagine how cool your kids will think you are if you have a Airboard that matches theirs. This winter picks these up for your family and enjoy one of the only extreme sports that is fit for the entire family. Have some fun this year!


Airboard Freeride Sled Airboard Freeride 180 Sled

The Airdoard Freeride Sled isw the supreme, pimped-out, top-of-the-line, Mercedes of Airboards. If you are seriously into this sport or plan on seriously getting into the sport this is the Airboard for you. This is the perfect sled for competitions and tricks. If you have a teen that has already been Airboarding for a while and really enjoys the sport then you will surely impress them by giving them the Freeride as a gift.


Airboard Long Leash Shoulder Strap Airboard Long Leash Shoulder Strap

The Airboard Long Leash Shoulder Strap is a must have for any Airboard. It's so important that they really should include it free with each sled. The price is really cheap though, so it's not a big deal. Be sure not to forget to add this to your order before you checkout of This will save you from paying shipping costs to order it later when you realize how integral it is. You can use this either over your shoulder or to tow your Airboard behind you uphill.