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Airboarding is the newest snow sport to hit the slopes. Let us help you jump on board the next winter sports craze. launched in early 2006 is the first site where airboarders and fans can discuss and find info on the sport. Here you will find articles, news, and airboard shopping.


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Airboarding Basics

Airboarding The New Winter Sport

Airboarding Info and Stats

 Airboarding Basics
 Ready to try out the new winter sport that  is airboarding? Read our beginner's guide  and learn the skills to hit the slopes.


 Airboarding: The New Winter Sport

 We've all heard about snowboarding and  skiing, they are immensely popular and  during the winter the slopes...

 Airboarding: Info and Stats

 What do you think about the idea of  airboarding down a slope at 60 to 80 miles  an hour without much to do about  stopping?
Airboarding Slopes
 Airboarding Slopes Information
 There are only a few of them but the  slopes that do offer airboarding for fans of  the sport are pretty famous when it comes  to reputation.